SPGFD - PHASE 1 Offshore Platforms - Replacement of Existing 18" Risers
Petro Pars Company - PPL
South Pars Gas Field – Persian Gulf, Iran
The gas and condensates produced on the wellhead platform SPD1 & SPD2 are transported to the process platform SPP1 via an 18” pipeline and transferred to onshore facility via 32" pipeline. The 18" pipeline, laid in November 2003, was found to be damaged and eventually after detailed engineering the 18” pipeline and related spools was replaced by new one in 2008. This project dealt with the replacement of the 18" risers on SPD2 and SPP1 platforms.
Scope of work:
The project consisted of removing the old risers, Installation the new ones and Hydro testing of pipeline associated from riser flange at the top of SPD2 to SPP1.